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   Improve Local Search Rankings and Increase Online Visibility and Google Maps rankings with SEO Designed for Results


Did you know that the Google Businesses showing in the ‘3 Pack’ of local searches will receive 44% of all Page 1 clicks? Did you know that the first 3 positions on Page 1 of Google, get over 50% of the remaining clicks?

Doing SEO dramatically boosts the online presence of your business AND provides the highest ROI for your marketing $$.

Effective SEO results in more sales and appointments for the products and services you want to promote in the locations you serve.


Why You Need To Invest In Local SEO For Your Business


Most of the online traffic that is being directed to local products, local businesses, and local services right now is coming from Google.

Thousands upon thousands of people on Auckland’s North Shore use Google daily to search for local plumbers, painters, roofers, electricians, handymen, tilers, builders, renovators, landscapers, pest controllers  to meet their home maintenance needs.

These are customers using Google to search for your services in the specific locations you serve.

They are already interested, taking action, and ready to buy. They are ready to do business with you… but there’s just one problem….

Are you even appearing in Google’s search rankings for your products/services and locations?

To get online exposure, you need to get the fundamentals of SEO right.

Do this and you can dramatically increase your website traffic, lead generation and conversions.



So what does this mean? Here are a few factors that determine your success…

        • Do you have a responsive website?  A responsive design, which adapts to whatever device a person uses, is essential for ranking in results.
        • Does your site load really quickly? Speed is also a critical SEO ranking factor, and one Google admits to using.
        • Do you have a link building strategy? Links, from backlinks to internal links, also play a critical part in search engine rankings.
        • Do you have great on-page optimization? This encompasses factors such as
              • Keyword use
              • Title tag optimization
              • Content originality and usefulness
              • Multimedia optimization and much, much more. Get this wrong and it will affect your rankings.
        • Is your site accessible to Google’s spiders? It’s essential to maintain a robots.txt file and sitemap so Google can find you!
        • Is your Google My Business (GMB) Listing claimed and verified and up-to-date with accurate information?
        • Is your GMB listing categorized in the best and most relevant category for your business?
        • Have you included important keywords that tell Google (and your potential clients) what your business is about?
        • Do you have reviews and are you responding to them…?

This list of questions goes on, but let’s stop there… Stop trying to manage your SEO campaigns yourself! 

Smart business owners know their time is better spent working on their business – performing tasks focused on growing the business in the mid to long-term -rather than working in the business – doing the manual tasks that just slow you down as a business.


Let Us Help You….


After consulting with you to identify the services and locations you want to rank for, we determine what your existing online exposure is. Then we follow a principled and systematic process to grow your organic search rankings each day. Results are cumulative and you will experience significant growth in your website traffic, phone calls and jobs.                                                   


The Four Pillars of Online Success SEO success, north shore, auckland

1. Show up in Google Maps

2. Show up in Google Organic

3. Turns Clicks into Calls

4. Measure Business Results     



Google Maps

The first 3 Google Maps get around 44% of page 1 clicks

We optimize your profile with images, keywords, and consistency across other online platforms to get you in this ‘3 pack’

To maintain this position requires ongoing backlink efforts

GMB optimisation, north shore auckland



Organic search SEO organic north shore, auckland

There are two main factors:

  1. On-site optimization • Putting your most valuable keywords in the most important places on your website
  2. Off-site optimization • Relevant and powerful backlinks from other websites






Turn clicks into calls

Have you heard about the AMP Mobile Partnership? It’s all about the mobile experience of your site and your site loading speed.

We rebuild your main website pages using Google’s proprietary technology then upload your site to Google’s servers you are rewarded in Google Maps and Organic search results

Your site will have Lightening fast load time which results in

  • Better ranking
  • Better conversions of clicks to calls

SEO conversions, north shore auckland


Measure Business Results

Weekly ranking reports and monthly traffic reports means you can track your business results and watch them grow month on month.

SEO results are quantifiable, so you will know your Return On Investment

track SEO results


SEO packages designed for results


Expand your online reach and build a larger customer base. Our Organic SEO Packages provides you with on-page and off-page optimization, which include blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities.



seo north shore auckland

Here are some expected outcomes of Our SEO packages…

      • The Results are Powerful & Permanent (In Comparison to Adwords and PPC)
      • Definite Increase in Traffic To Your Business
      • Better ROI (Return on Investment) from your GMG page Than Normal Ads
      • Your Competitors Are Doing It
      • Rank Your Website Well On Google For Maximum Visibility
      • Take Your Business to the Next Level – Businesses who invest in local SEO should expect to GROW from the results!
      • 98% Of Clicks Go To The Front Page And Google Maps Listings. That’s where you need to be.



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